Limited Product Warranty

A Thing Story, LLC
Limited Product Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a Theengs Plug and/or a Theengs Bridge hereafter named Theengs product.

If you receive a Theengs product that does not substantially conform to the specifications at the time of purchase, please refer to our Refund Policy, which can be found at This Limited Product Warranty is valid for one year from the date of your purchase of the Theengs product and is only valid to purchasers within Canada, the United States, and its territories.

This Limited Product Warranty covers all aspects of the hardware of the Theengs product. The firmware and software are licensed under a GPLv3 license and are not subject to this Limited Product Warranty. We expressly disclaim all implied-by-law warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, as described in Section 13 of our Terms of Service, which can be found at Your sole remedy for a defective or substantially non-conforming product, even if it fails at its essential purpose, is our Refund Policy, which can be found at and this Limited Product Warranty. 

Accordingly, each Theengs product manufactured or sold by A Thing Story, LLC shall, within the specified operating standards, substantially perform in connection with a MQTT broker and the licensed, preloaded software and firmware, to: 

  • Act as a Bluetooth Gateway to retrieve data from sensors
  • Be controlled remotely (Theengs Plug only)
  • Measure the energy consumption of the plugged-in device (Theengs Plug only)
  • Provide power to the plugged-in device (Theengs Plug only)
  • Function with the specifications as written in the description of the product purchase page
If the Theengs product cannot perform those functions, you must contact support services at The date we receive this first contact determines whether this Limited Product Warranty is applicable. We will guide you through a brief troubleshooting of common problems to determine, in good faith but in our sole and absolute discretion, if this Limited Product Warranty applies, or if there is another cause of the problems, such as user error or a software or firmware issue.

If we determine that this Limited Product Warranty is applicable, we will exchange your Theengs product or refund the purchase, in substantially the same manner described in our Refund Policy, or provide other remedies, as we may from time to time determine is appropriate based on the specific circumstances.