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    The Theengs Plug ESP32 smart plug runs OpenMQTTGateway firmware to serve as a BLE MQTT gateway and power meter compatible with Home Assistant, Homebridge, OpenHAB, DomoticZ, FHEM, Jeedom, NodeRed, AWS, and any MQTT-compatible IoT or Smart Home system.

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    Achieve smart home interoperability with open source technology

    Theengs is an open source platform designed to integrate devices from different manufacturers into a single local ecosystem.

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    Andreas Spiess take on OpenMQTTGateway

    OpenMQTTGateway Connects Many Things to Your Home Automation

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Home Assistant integration

Your go-to solution for simplified Home Assistant integration. Our products are designed for quick setup through auto-discovery, eliminating the need for YAML configuration. Effortlessly manage your smart plugs, monitor energy consumption, and detect BLE devices with the MQTT integration.

OpenHAB, NodeRed and many others

Connect with leading platforms such as OpenHAB, FHEM, Jeedom, Node-RED, and Domoticz. Additionally, Theengs products support the HA MQTT auto-discovery convention when applicable, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Why Theengs?

The smart home world has long been plagued by incompatible devices and communication protocols, making it challenging to create a truly connected home experience. Theengs, an open-source platform, offers a solution to this problem by providing a way to integrate Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers into a single local ecosystem.

Theengs ecosystem comprises apps, gateways, and tools that present data from various sensors on a unified interface and enable seamless communication between devices. With support for over 80 devices and a growing list, Theengs offers a promising future for Bluetooth smart home interoperability.